The Journey

I am a relentless learner. I don’t believe in knowing it all and therefore the part of the journey of life for me is a continuous loop of learning, understanding and improving. When I started this blog, I knew that there would be skills that I would need to pick up like proper food styling and photography. After all, what’s a food blog without beautiful images.

So two months ago, I took an online class with Eva Kosmas Flores to learn how to do food styling and photography better. It was a 4 group classes conducted over the internet using a video conferencing tool and since then, I’ve been trying to practise every weekend a little, if possible. Learning over the internet gave me a gist of what I could do with my camera and also helped me with the thought process of staging a photo. 

I then started to think about what my look would be. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I have found or perfected my look but I know that I wanted it to include flowers, lots of natural light, beautiful cutlery, ceramics/china, linens and textures. So for this blog post, I thought I’d share with you my journey so far.

26th February 2017: as part of my assignment, Singapore.
8th March 2017 another assignment piece, Melbourne.
8th March 2017: capturing steam, Melbourne.
8th March 2017: Cooked Salmon dish, Melbourne.
19th March 2017: Vietnamese pork chop, Singapore.
25th March 2017: Sugee Cake, Singapore.
25th March 2017: Close up of that Sugee Cake, Singapore.
9th April 2017: Carrot Cake, Singapore
16th April 2017: Sticky Hot Cross Bun, Singapore
1st May 2017: Plum Cake 1st May 2017: Plum and Almond Cake, Singapore

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